SO HAPPY TO REPORT THAT I JUST GOT BACK FROM 8 DAYS IN NASHVILLE WHERE I RECORDED THE TRACKS FOR A NEW ALBUM! I USED THE SAME CREW I DID FOR MY FIRST RECORD, PHIL MADEIRA on keys, WILL KIMBROUGH on guitars, CHRIS DONOHUE on bass, DENNIS HOLT on drums/percussion, and SEAN SULLIVAN engineering. We recorded it at the COWBOY ARMS STUDIO. THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED INCLUDING BOB CLEMENT AT THE COWBOY ARMS FOR A FANTASTIC WEEK OF RECORDING. I can't wait for everyone to hear what we came up with. We recorded 10 original tunes and 2 cover songs. The two covers are "It's Only Rock'n Roll But I like It" by the Stones and "Thank You Girl" by John Hiatt. Stay tuned for some samples and a crowd funding campaign to get the word out about the new record. Thanks!

NEW VIDEO RELEASE! Music video for "Still Tryin' to Believe"

Bonus Mix of Kickin' the Can!

For guitar fans here is the full studio take of Kickin' the Can which includes a stretched out ending where Will Kimbrough (on left) and I (on right) trade guitar lines etc. And Chris Donohue plays some great upright bass. Not to mention Dennis Holt on drums. We knew the song was over but we were having fun so we just kept playing. Hope you enjoy. P.R.

New Video Release!

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