Electric Guitars:
1960 Fender Stratocaster
2007 Fender Hot Rod Stratocaster
Stratocaster copy set up for slide
2006 Fender Baja Telecaster
1981 Yamaha SA-2000
(2) D'Angelico Excels
1955 Gibson ES-125
1936 National New Yorker lap steel

Acoustic Guitars:
1943 Gibson LG2 Banner 
1936 Gibson L30
1963 Gibson Hummingbird
1967 Gibson LG-0
Larrivee D-60
Johnson Dobro
1984 Alvarez-Yairi
Ibanez 12 string
Republic Woody resonator

1972 Fender Princeton Reverb
1976 Fender Champ
Bell & Howell Projector extension amp
Ceriatone OTS 50 watt 
Ampeg Rocket
Ampeg Gemini II
Magnatone Troubadour Deluxe
Martin 112
Marshall DSL401
Gibson Maestro
Marshall 4x12 w/ Celestion G12-65s

TC Electronic Flashback delay
TC Electronic Alter Ego delay
TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb
Wampler Ego compressor
MXR dynacomp
Digitech EX-7 
Basic Audio Tri-Ram Fuzz
Timmy OD
Boss RT-20 Rotary
EH Freeze
TC Electronic Ditto
Strobo tuner pedal
Source Audio Trem
(2) Vintage Crybaby wah-wahs
Vox wah wah
DLS Chorus~vib
Zoom G3
Lexicon LXP-1 reverb
Alesis Microverb
Alesis Nanoverb
Boss OC-2
Boss EQ-7
DOD vintage chorus
Oh, my god, I have too much shit!

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