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Please check out my new Kickstarter campaign to promote my new album of ten original songs and two covers entitled "BROKEN DOWN LOVE"

We are in the mixing stage of the new record and we need your help getting this project over the finish line. Please consider pre buying the CD or download. There are also fun perks such as coffee mugs, beer glasses, T-shirts, Hand bags and of course, physical CDs. Thanks so much for your consideration. Check out the video to hear snippets of the new songs and get a background on the project. Thanks so much!!! Here is the link


BROKEN DOWN LOVE Upcoming new album for 2021!!

NEW VIDEO RELEASE! Music video for "Still Tryin' to Believe"

Bonus Mix of Kickin' the Can!

For guitar fans here is the full studio take of Kickin' the Can which includes a stretched out ending where Will Kimbrough (on left) and I (on right) trade guitar lines etc. And Chris Donohue plays some great upright bass. Not to mention Dennis Holt on drums. We knew the song was over but we were having fun so we just kept playing. Hope you enjoy. P.R.

New Video Release!

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